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  1. I just saw Best Worst Movie at a Seattle screening with Troll 2 and I NEED a “You can’t piss on hospitality” shirt in a size other than XL. Any chance more sizes will be added to the store?


  2. We’re working on it–check back soon!

  3. Saw BEST WORST last night at the Sacramento International Film and Music Festival.
    What a hoot! Want a Goblin XL t-shirt - can’t buy one yet.

    Wondering if meanwhile how much trouble it’d be to make some bumper stickers.

    I’d love to have NILBOG on my bumper!

    Let me know - tks!

  4. When will shirts be available? Saw Best Worst Movie last night and loved it! See Troll 2 in the theater finally next Saturday. And then doing it all again in October.

  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to say that i’m a huge fan of Troll 2 and would like to buy a size smell T-shirt of “You can’t piss on hospitality” and “Goblin”. When will those shirts be available?

    Love ya.

    -David aka shoe gazer on facebook

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