May 1, 2009

Toronto Star

Troll-free Troll 2 Best of the Delightfully Bad Movies

“Best Worst Movie director Stephenson had a key role in Troll 2 at the age of 11. He played son Joshua Waits… He first saw Troll 2 on video: ‘I pressed play … 90 minutes later, my childhood dreams went up in flames.”

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Hollywood Elsewhere

HotDocs09: Best Worst Movie

“Best Worst Movie has been raved about from here to kingdom come…Rare for a doc, this one is universally appealing and extremely commercially viable.”

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New Best Worst Movie Trailer

Today a brand new trailer for the Troll 2 Documentary appeared online. We are definitely going to be following this one closely so keep it here for more.

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New Best Worst Movie Trailer

“Today a brand new trailer for the Troll 2 Documentary appeared online. It has several appearences for cast members and rabid fans from all over…”

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Trailer Premiere in conjunction with Hot Docs

“A brand new trailer for BEST WORST MOVIE, the documentary about the notorious schlocker TROLL 2, has just premiered on-line…”

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‘Best Worst Movie’ Yields Good First Trailer

“Toronto’s Hot Docs film festival kicked off last night, and among the acclaimed documentaries playing there is Best Worst Movie …”

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Film Junk

Behind The Lens: Michael Paul Stephenson, Director of Best Worst …

“To kick things off, we caught up with Michael Paul Stephenson, one of the stars of the cult classic Troll 2, and director of the Troll 2 documentary Best Worst Movie…”

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April 30, 2009


Hot Docs 2009 Preview, Part 3

“Top Pick:  Best Worst Movie …The cast of Troll 2 reunites almost twenty years after shooting the ‘worst film of all time’.”

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NOW Magazine

NOW Magazine Q&A: Michael Paul Stephenson

“Q&A with Michael Paul Stephenson Producer and Director of Best Worst Movie…”

Full Article: NOW Magazine
April 29, 2009

Five Hot Hot Docs

The film follows George Hardy, the star of Troll II, who is a
dentist not a washed up actor and who has the charismatic personality
of a true Hollywood star, as he tours with the cast of the now
cult-classic film.

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Best Worst Movie Trailer
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