March 18, 2009

The Screengrab

SXSW Review: “Best Worst Movie”

“Best Worst Movie is a hilarious, affectionate tribute to the movie, the cult, and the cast, most notably Hardy, the world’s most affable dentist.”

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March 17, 2009

Best Worst Movie Movie Review

“ Everyone really seems to give their own insights into why they love
the film so much. Personally I just love it because it has that something that you really can’t explain. It just has ‘it’.”

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Film School Rejects

SXSW Review: Best Worst Movie

“You can’t help but love this film. In fact, I dare you to watch it and tell me that you weren’t both entertained and attached to the actors. There will be moments when you are in tears from laughing at the relationships on-screen.”

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Dispatch from Austin: Notes on SXSW by ‘Troll 2′ Actor Darren Ewing

“As the film rolled, audiences howled with laughter and shed tears. It gave us chills, and those of us involved in both ‘Troll 2′ and ‘Best Worst Movie’ have been flooded with on-the-street congratulations and party invitations.”

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Bloody Disgusting

Best Worst Movie (SXSW Review)

“Luckily, Stephenson, Hardy, and the other cast members were willing to be completely honest and open about a film almost all of them were ashamed of and, in turn, churned out one of the most entertaining documentaries I’ve seen in quite some time.”

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SXSW Review: Best Worst Movie

“The odds of making a film quite like Troll 2 are fairly small, the odds of having people quite like Troll 2 are smaller yet, and the odds of having it bring people together in ways big and small, good and bad, are just enough to matter.”

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March 16, 2009



“The most unlikely act of cultural excavation and redemption, Michael Paul Stephenson’s Best Worst Movie is a hilarious and poignant celebration of not only the communal experience of making and watching movies but the sheer randomness of life itself.”

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Hammer to Nail

SXSW 2009: Friday/Saturday Wrap-Up

“In 1998, I began writing a book of film criticism called The Ethics of Troll 2. At the time, I thought my friends and I were the only ones who thought Troll 2 was as historically relevant as The Bicycle Thief or Breathless. Turns out, we weren’t alone.”

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SXSW: “Best Worst Movie”

“Even decades later, “Troll 2′ seems to haunt some of them like a prison tattoo,” notes Rodney Perkins at Twitch. The film “reveals the human heart that beats beneath even the lowliest movies.”

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Austin 360

Infamous ‘Troll 2′ Spawns ‘Best Worst Movie’

“Showing impressive filmmaking instincts, Stephenson focuses on charismatic George Hardy, a dentist in his native Alabama whose lone acting gig came in ‘Troll 2.’”

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Best Worst Movie Trailer
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