March 15, 2009

Ain't It Cool News

Harry’s Fantastic Day 2 @ SXSW ‘09: Winnebago Man, Best Worst Movie & Black!

“BEST WORST MOVIE explores the Cult of Personality phenomenon that we have in modern society that we’re surrounded by on a daily basis. It’s a dangerous thing that can destroy or give meaning to a life.”

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Austin 360

Documentaries salute a cult classic, small-town life and metal madness

“‘Best Worst Movie’ offers a rich experience. As fun as it is, it resonates with cultural and psychological complexities you wouldn’t expect.”

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The Wrap

Weekend Report: Trolling for Distribution

“Director Michael Stephenson said he had been approached by several distributors, including MGM, which owns the rights to ‘Troll 2.’ Should the documentary go that route, it could come out in conjunction with a re-release of ‘Troll 2.’”

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Movie Moron

Best Worst Movie - Review (Troll 2 Documentary)

“While the film serves as an ultimate “thank you” to Troll 2 fans, it also stands on its own. It paints such a true, unassuming picture of everyone involved that it’s impossible to resist the temptation: soon after watching you will log onto Amazon or Netflix and order Troll 2 for yourself.”

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Those Famous Trolls

“Screening in SXSW’s Spotlight Premieres section, director Michael Paul Stephenson’s ‘Best Worst Movie’ captures the fame behind what the festival describes as “astonishingly inept ‘Troll2,’” which has nevertheless attained cult status.”

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March 14, 2009

SXSW ‘09: The Best Worst Movie (Video Interview with George Hardy & Michael Paul Stephenson)

“Matt Singer of IFC News sits down with the director and star subject of ‘Best Worst Movie’, a documentary exploring the impact of the best worst movie ever: ‘Troll 2′”

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SXSW Film Preview: Best Worst Movie

“Best Worst Movie is a candid and hilarious exploration of the roots of fandom, the shifting definition of success and the intoxicating nature of fame. We highly recommend this one.”

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SXSW Snapshot: Michael Paul Stephenson’s “Best Worst Movie”

“Due to his own connection to the material, Stephenson manages to inject
a personal quality to the story where other filmmakers would likely
condescend to it.”

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Risky Biz Blog

At SXSW, fans and Trolls

“Said Stephenson: ‘I think in our generation, there’s so much stuff that’s produced that is so similar, or the same, or so cynical, that when young people see something like this that’s very genuine and honest and heartfelt, it seems fresh.’ He added,  ‘Bad is completely relative. There are ‘good place’ bad films and ‘bad [...]

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From The Front Row

SXSW Review: “Best Worst Movie”

“Is Troll 2 the worst film ever made? Perhaps, perhaps not. But Stephenson has ensured that it won’t soon be forgotten either way. Best Worst Movie takes cinematic trash and turns it into comedy gold.”

Full Article: From The Front Row
Best Worst Movie Trailer
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