March 13, 2009

Entertainment Weekly

So Awful It’s Awesome!

“‘I started getting pictures from kids having Troll 2 parties,” says Stephenson. ”Once I realized how much enjoyment fans were getting from this crappy movie, I said, ‘I have to document this.’ So he made Best Worst Movie.”

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Austin Chronicle

Magnificent Obsession

“Stephenson’s documentary on Troll 2’s unlikely transformation from unrentable VHS shelf-warmer to genuine cult film with a fanatically devoted fan base, is a hoot, and it goes a long way toward explaining why, while a lot of films are just plain bad, a tiny handful – and Troll 2 in particular – rise above their [...]

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Ain't It Cool News

SXSW: Quint Takes a Look at Troll 2 Documentary Best Worst Movie

“If the documentary had just been a celebration of themselves it would have gotten very old very quickly, but the real fascinating side to this documentary is how this popularity is a mirage, that the fandom is limited to a select niche.”

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KXAN Austin News

Armwrestling, Prison and Horror at SXSW: Video Interview with George Hardy and Michael Paul Stephenson

“‘It’s not a behind-the-scenes making of Troll 2,’ said Michael Stephenson, director of ‘Best Worst Movie.’ ‘It’s much more about the personal stories involved with these almost dysfunctional family.’”

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Dread Central

From the WTF? Files: Troll 2 Part 2

“We’ve been reporting for a short while now about the planned Troll remake. Now comes word that filmmaker Claudio Degrasso wants to make a direct sequel to his now legendarily awful Troll 2. Holy nilbog!”

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Twitch Film

SXSW Review: Michael Paul Stephenson’s BEST WORST MOVIE

“By paying tribute to dedicated cult movie fans and the creative people who unintentionally fuel their mania, Best Worst Movie reveals the human heart that beats beneath even the lowliest movies. The movie is engaging, well made and touching in a completely honest way.”

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March 12, 2009


SXSW ‘09 Interview: ‘Best Worst Movie’ Director & Actor Michael Paul Stephenson

“It’s a heartfelt story about a cinematic car-crash that gets a second life and through it we learn how it feels to fail miserably and years later be applauded for it. From embarrassment to cult classic, it’s a story about one of cinema’s greatest tragedies or triumphs.”

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Cinema Blend

SXSW Preview: Movies We’re Dying to See

“While there’s never any shortage of bad movies at a film festival, it’s rare you see a film which celebrates them.”

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March 11, 2009

Entertainment Weekly

‘Troll 2′: Talking with the Alabama dentist who helped make the ‘Best Worst Movie’ of all time

“‘We were just trying to be good citizens of Utah, helping this Italian crew make a movie’ says part-time actor — and full-time dentist! — George Hardy of his participation in the 1990 movie Troll 2. What he actually helped make is what bad-film aficionados widely agree to be among the worst movies of all [...]

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Blogcritics Video

Movie Review: Best Worst Movie at SXSW

“If you haven’t seen Troll 2 (like me) it doesn’t matter. Best Worst Movie goes so much deeper than just looking at why that film was so bad. It shows the power of the passionate movie fans. It is a story about how they can dictate what happens to something that they love.”

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Best Worst Movie Trailer
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