March 3, 2010

Nilbog! Best Worst Movie gets Distributor

“Finally! Dread Central just broke word that Best Worst Movie has nabbed a US distribution deal with Area23A.  The doc, made by the cast and crew of Troll 2, tells the making of this notoriously bad horror movie. Best Worst Movie toured the festival circuit last year and was a large reason for Troll 2’s [...]

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February 25, 2010

Rocket Llama

Award-Winning Best Worst Movie Coming to Theaters

“The making of Troll 2 and its cult popularity became the subject of the award-winning documentary Best Worst Movie, produced by Lindsay Stephenson. The documentary, which has been featured at various film festivals, is now getting a theatrical release.”
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Area23A to Distribute Best Worst Movie

“Area23A, the event-based film distribution company formed in January by industry veteran Richard Abramowitz and Kirt Eftekhar, founder of Ocule Films, announced today that it will theatrically release the award-winning Best Worst Movie which has been an official selection in over thirty film festivals. The documentary had its world premiere at South by Southwest and [...]

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Film Threat

TROLL 2 Doc BEST WORST MOVIE Hitting Theaters in 2010!

“One of the most popular film festival selections of 2009 was Michael Paul Stephenson’s documentary “Best Worst Movie,” which covered everything you ever (or, never) wanted to know about everyone’s favorite bad movie, “Troll 2.” For those who didn’t catch it on the festival circuit, there’s good news as “Best Worst Movie” will be hitting [...]

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Area 23A To Release the “Best Worst Movie”

“Of the acquisition, Stephenson said in a press release: “Our movie – that we have devoted the last four years to – can not be in better hands than with Area23A.  They have demonstrated their ability to skillfully handle specialized films in a crowded market place.””
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‘Best Worst Movie’ Will Come Trolling to Theaters

“There’s never any shortage of bad movies in theaters, but how many can say they’ve shown a good movie about a bad movie? That opportunity will come this spring, when Best Worst Movie — Michael Stephenson’s documentary about the legendarily awful Troll 2 — finally hits theaters.”
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Gordon and the Whale

BEST WORST MOVIE to get theatrical release (!!!)

“After a string of successful public screenings, a number of festival appearances (over thirty), and huge critical support (it’s a very personal GATW favorite), the coolest cult hit on the block, BEST WORST MOVIE, is finally getting theatrical release. Fans everywhere can breathe a huge sigh of release (and I can personally stop having flashback [...]

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Area23a has ‘Best’ day

“Newly minted distributor Area23a has announced it will release the documentary “Best Worst Movie,” which world preemed at South by Southwest.”
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“BEST WORST MOVIE” lands U.S. Distribution

“After amazing and amusing audiences at festivals all over the world—winning awards along the way—BEST WORST MOVIE, a documentary about the notorious bad-cinema cult favorite TROLL 2, is finally headed for commercial American release.”
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February 24, 2010

Best Worst Movie Comes to Your Town - Brings Trolls, Hospitality

“I’d implore you to go see this one when it hits so more people can see it in theaters, because it’s such a damn entertaining film and really should be seen with a group.”

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Best Worst Movie Trailer
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