November 18, 2009


Portroidcast #1 - Interview with George Hardy and Michael Paul Stephenson

“The first ever portroidcast, Portroids Polaroid Portraits Podcast! Featuring an interview with the stars of the cult classic film “Troll 2″ and the new documentary “Best Worst Movie”, George Hardy (dentist/actor) and Michael Paul Stephenson (director/actor).”

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What Would Toto Watch?

Interview with director Michael Paul Stephenson (Pt. 1)

“Everyone thought they were the only ones doing it,” Stephenson says. “There was no hype machine behind it. It found its audience on its own, organically, and it finally reached critical mass.”

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November 17, 2009

Sucking on a Greasy Coin

Review: Best Worst Movie

“It’s the surprising moments of poignancy and warmth that make it an incredibly engaging viewing…even if you’ve never heard of ‘Nilbog.’”

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The Geek Beat: Junk Food Films

“One aspect of film fandom has been nagging me for some time, though, and that’s the widespread devotion to bad films. I’ve been itching to explore it, but have found myself unable to really get the heart of it. However, the heady combination of Best Worst Movie and Troll 2 has given me a little [...]

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November 16, 2009

Horror Squad

Denver Film Fest Review: ‘Best Worst Movie’

“While the film clearly appeals to those who have some sort of intimate connection with Troll 2, it is just as entertaining, informative and engaging for those who have yet to even see the cinematic phenomenon.”

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ScreenGeeks Radio

SDFF Interview: George Hardy and Michael Paul Stephenson [Audio]

“We had a great time talking with these gentlemen about what it means to be in the worst movie ever made and how they came to embrace it.  We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it.”

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November 15, 2009

What Would Toto Watch?

‘Best Worst Movie’ - Making lemonade out of one big lemon

“It would be easy to mock everyone and anyone who played a role in creating such a lousy movie, but there’s an infectious joy to ‘Best Worst Movie.’ Stephenson and co. understand that a truly terrible movie that still attracts an audience is a success in its own right.”

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I’ve Seen ‘Troll 2′ and Lived

“There’s not one redeeming thing to be found in acting, the directing, the story, the effects, or the soundtrack but it is absolutely hilarious in its madness. It’s bewildering how a movie can be so bad, and the description cited in Best Worst Movie as ‘the kind of movie aliens would make if they came [...]

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November 6, 2009


The M/C Review: Best Worst Movie

“Funny, sincere, and never condescending, “Best Worst Movie” is a great look at the way films take on lives of their own, and the way cult films flourish.”

Full Article: HitFix
November 2, 2009

Alternative Chronicle

AFI FEST 2009 Review: Best Worst Movie

“Not only is this probably my favorite film of the year so far, but all in all this is now probably one of my favorite documentaries”

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Best Worst Movie Trailer
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