September 2, 2009


The FrightFest Five

“The result is that George [Hardy] and the rest of the cast have found fame in the most unlikely of circumstances, making this quite the most uplifting film of the weekend.”

Full Article: IGN
August 29, 2009

Quiet Earth

Frightfest 09: Review of Troll 2 Documentary Best Worst Movie

“Importantly for the documentary’s success, everyone who was involved in Troll 2 seems to be bursting with personality, exhibiting either a knowing and gracious amusement at the celluloid crimes they committed, or in a couple of unfortunate cases, genuine madness.”

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August 28, 2009

Total Film

FrightFest 2009: Best Worst Movie Review

“So, by all means see it – it’s one of the most fascinating documentaries of the year. Just make sure you rent Troll 2 first. Because Best Worst Movie is best enjoyed by Nilbogs in disguise…”

Full Article: Total Film
August 26, 2009


Cool Stuff Reviewed: Troll 2 T-Shirt

“After five heavy-duty washes (for the desired “I-was-there” effect), the shirt’s day-glo colors still pop like a wet back of Gremlins. I love that Betty the Bug-eyed Goblin aka Shit Eyes is appropriately crammed into the very front of this claw-foot cauldron. While staring at Betty in the mirror of a bar I go to, [...]

Full Article: Slashfilm
August 20, 2009

Panoptic Reels

“I’m Not Going to Eat Again for 20 Years!” Troll 2 Review

“It departs from generic conventions so regularly, and turns out to be such a thoroughly strange film, that it leaves a door wide open for anyone who might want to join the party. And if that wasn’t already enough, it sends a pack of goblins to chase you through that door and towards a memorable [...]

Full Article: Panoptic Reels
August 12, 2009

ABC 4 Salt Lake City, Utah

The Best Worst Movie

“Is Troll 2 really the worst movie ever made as claimed by IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes? Or is Troll 2, as some would claim, a misunderstood masterpiece that never fails to entertain… a work of genius? Twenty years after Troll 2 was made, the feature length documentary BEST WORST MOVIE explores the Troll 2 phenomenon [...]

Full Article: ABC 4 Salt Lake City, Utah
August 11, 2009

In Utah This Week

‘Best Worst Movie’ takes us back to the weirdness of Nilbog.

“‘Best Worst Movie’ is a compelling and highly enjoyable documentary that also reveals the darker side of cult status and the strange and wondrous ways that people cope with being associated with a notoriously bad film.”

Full Article: In Utah This Week

Film Tells a Tale of the Cult of ‘Troll 2′

“For those who love a cult film, telling others why it’s so great can make us feel like a Mormon missionary in West Hollywood — they give us a hostile, guarded, “no” look. But when we finally find that rare investigator who watches the film, feels what we do, and becomes a convert, it’s just [...]

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Standard Examiner Blog

Chatting with Best Worst Movie director Michael Paul Stephenson

“The “Troll 2″ fans are as unique as “Best Worst Movie” portrays them, says Stephenson. They can also surprise, he says. “In Seattle a kid came dressed up as a tree in a pot and his friends dragged him into the theater,” recalls Stephenson laughing. (The fan was paying homage to segments of “Troll 2″ [...]

Full Article: Standard Examiner Blog
August 5, 2009

Los Angeles Examiner

The ‘Best Worst Movie’ Part II: ‘Troll 2′ Review

“Troll 2 is nothing to mess around with. Like wet dynamite, oiija boards, or tropical fire ants it’s a threat to your health and mental stability…It’s all ugly, baby. That’s the beauty of it.”

Full Article: Los Angeles Examiner
Best Worst Movie Trailer
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