SILVERDOCS FILM FESTIVAL, Washington D.C. (2 Screenings)

Nilbog is coming to EAT our Nation’s Capital! The AFI-Discovery Channel SILVERDOCS Documentary Festival announced it’s full slate today. I’m honored that BEST WORST MOVIE will be served up as part of this delicious feast and premier showcase of the best documentary films from around the world.

On top of all of that goodness, a special 35mm screening of TROLL 2 will follow BEST WORST MOVIE’s East Coast Premiere. Provocative! And Yes, Dr. George Hardy, America’s most hospitable father, will be in attendance, so you better start flossing your teeth.

Friday June 19th, 8:45 PM (followed by TROLL 2)
Saturday June 20th, 8:15pm
Tickets and More Info

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