Washington, DC: Landmark E Street Cinema

We’re pleased to announce that BEST WORST MOVIE will play at Washington DC’s Landmark E Street Cinema as part of its Theatrical run!

Friday, July 2
Screening time TBA
Landmark E Street Cinema
Cast & Crew in attendance!

The film will continue to screen at the Landmark E Streeet for at least a week following the premiere.

Tickets and more info

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7 Responses to “Washington, DC: Landmark E Street Cinema”

  1. As soon as these tickets become available, I’m buying them and driving down from Baltimore. I’m SO excited for this film.

  2. Anyone know when the tickets will be going on sale? So far, the E Street Theatre only lists the late night Troll 2 showing (at midnight). I’m getting antsy!!!!!

  3. I’m with ya, NK. I’ve been checking the E Street site every day in anticipation of this.

  4. so for which showing will the cast/crew be in attendance? all of them?!?

  5. George Hardy will be the only one in attendance for DC!

  6. Kyle, do you know which showing George Hardy will be attending?

  7. He’ll be there following the 7:50 and 10:00 screenings on Friday and possibly Saturday

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